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#00064 36" Royal Gold and Relic (with Teeth)



Inroducing our newest pick specially designed for use as a metal detecting and prosectng digging tool. With it's 50 lb pull flush mounted (patent pending) rare earth magnet, conveniently centered on the head, it creates a powerful magnetic surface to better seperate iron targets. Flush mounting, as opposed to surface mounted magnets, also makes for a smooth blade surface so it doesn't impact against material and it's easier to wipe clean. Zinc plated for long rust-free service life.

This pick is not made or improvised from from farming plow discs or leaf springs or other inferior products intended for different applications. We've been around for 25 years producing superior quality products that you have grown to trust.





Key Features:

• Made in the USA!                                                                • 4.75 lbs

• Lifetime Warranty on Pick Head backed by Royal!             • Solid Hickory Handle

• 50 lb pull Rare Earth Magnet                                               • Chiseled Edge or Teeth

• Rugged Construction

• 12" X 5" Blade