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#00014 Multi-Purpose True Highbanker/Hopper 30" Compact Sluice Box Kit


Introducing Royal's True Highbanker/Hopper 30" Compact Sluice Box Kit. This kit is built around our 30" Compact Steam Sluice Box. The Sluice can be used alone or by removing the flare and adding the Hopper it can be used as a True Highbanker. Included in this kit is our Compact folding stand with 16" and 20  adjustable legs. The adjustable legs make it easy when leveling out your sluice box in any terrain. 

Key Features: All Sluice Boxes are measured from tip of Flare to end of Sluice

* 063" Aluminim Body

* Sluice Box 30" Long x 7" Wide x 2.5 Tall

* Flare

* 5 Zinc Plated Riffles laser cut from one peice of Steel (Gold Color)

* 4" Black Anodized carrying Handle for easy transport

* All hardware made of Zinc plated Steel

* Sluice Box, 3.8 lbs

* 7' x 1-1/8" hose

* Johnson 2060 GPH 12VDC Pump

* Folding Stand, 16 GA CRS tubing

* Detachable filter screen included

* Removalbe 1/4" Rod, Gold Zinc Platd CRS Grizly