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50" Self-Locking Backpacking Stream Sluice Box with Stand Combo


Our Self-Locking Sluice Box can be used alone, it can be used with our stand that incudes adjustable legs to make it easy when leveling out your box in any terrain.

Key Features:

Sluie Box: All Sluices Boxes are measured from tip of Flare to end of Sluice

* .063 Aluminum Body

* 50" Long x 9" Wide

* Flare

* 8 Zinc Plated 18 GA Steel RIffles

* 16 GA Aluminum Expanded Metal

* Ribbed Black Rubber Matting for easy Gold ID

* Nylon Carry Strap for easy Transportation

* Indoor Outdoor mat, NO Miners Moss

* All screws secured by nylock nuts so they never fall off

* Fits in a 5 gallon bucket

* Weight 7.25 Lbs.

* 58 minute instructional DVD

Key Features:

Backpacking Stand:

* 4 independent Legs, 2-16"  2-20"

* 46" long and fits up to 12.75" wide Sluice