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#00130 Royal Gold Dust Concentrating Table

**45 minute Product video now available in Video Gallery


If you are tired of panning, let this machine do the work for you. Introducing our newest product. With this table you will be able to Recover fine and flour Gold easily because of the matting that we use is like a magnet. The table measures 12" X 18". The adjustable leveling nuts on the support bar makes the set up simple. Operating on a 12 volt pump makes unit field usable. We recommend you pre-screen your concentrates down to a 20 mesh size.




Key Features:

• Durable Powder Coat finish, No corrosion

• T-500 TSUNAMI 12 volt Pump with clips, only draws 1.8 amps 

• 3oz Snuffer Bottle

• Funnel

• 1oz Glass Vial

• Paint Brush

• Royal Squeegee Card

• Black Tub with Lid

• Tailing Bucket

• Stainless Steel flip up Recovery tray, powder coated

• Written Instructions


Processing Material
We recommend you pre-screen your concentrates down to a 20 mesh size. For best results, pre-clean
material in a five gallon bucket of water. Simply drop your material into your bucket and fill it with water
and let all the fine dirty water flow out until you can see that your concentrates are clean, this will help
in spotting your gold much easier on your Royal Table when processing your concentrates.
Time to power up your Table. Turn valve to full power so that Table is wet all the way across. Adjust brass
leveling nuts so you have full band of water across the exiting end. If the water is running to one side, 
adjust the brass nuts until the table is level and full band of water is achieved (as seen in picture below)
Now you can adjust your water flow down as desired. When finishing the leveling process the top should
be 1/2” to 3/4” higher than the exiting end, depending on type of materials being used.
Add a large table spoon of your concentrates across the top just below the head. Included in your kit is a
brush that works very well to lightly spread your material so that the water can rinse the black sand down
your table evenly. Once the material has been moved by the water down the Table it should not contain
any gold, use the brush to help move this material (tailings) off Table, being careful to avoid any gold stuck
further down Table. Never brush the concentrates at top by head, just let the water work on it, keep brushing
down the black sand so the only thing left on Table is your gold, at this point turn off water and pivot the
Stainless Steel Recovery tray up, using the plastic card supplied squeegee down gold to tray, gold will fall
to bottom of “V” , use your snuffer bottle to Recover gold. Pivot tray back under Table and start over again.
Storing after use
Remove hose from pump end ONLY.  In order to remove most of the water from the top cover (head)
you will need to hold it upside down and than right side up and do this motion a few times than set up
on exiting end with head leaning against object at a slant for approximately 5-10 minutes to help water
drain out.


Setting up:
1.  Remove all pieces from both bins (bins may change depending on availability).
2.  Fill your largest bin 4” high and add 4-5 drops of Jet Dry (blue soap for dish washers) to
3.  Place the angle bar with (2) leveling screw legs into exiting holes on top of largest bin.
4.  Replace clear bin back inside of largest bin to catch tailings from run off.
5.  Place your Royal Table on top of the largest bin with exiting end on leveling bar insuring
     that the  bracket on table located under the water control valve is secure in
     existing hole in bin.
6. Using a 12volt battery (NOT INCLUDED) your ready to start.
* NEVER use a Petroleum Base product to clean your Table! Only use soap and water.