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#00158 Highbanker / Dredge Ready Hopper 54" Slucie Kit


The 54" Ultra Wide Sluice Box with everything you need to use in creeks and streams. Flare , Matting, Expanded Metal, Hungarian Riffle Tray and New improved quick release break down Stand, and Carrying Handle for easy transport. Also included is our first Highbanker/ Dredge ready Hopper to convert your Sluice into a Highbanker/ Dredge or both. This unit runs off of a 1 1/2" gas engine not included.

View this machine along with our 54" Ultra Wide Sluice Box in acton! Go to the home page and click on our video gallery.



Key Features: All Sluice Boxes are measured from tip of Flare to end of Sluice

Top of Hopper, 17 1/2" X 17 1/2"

Dual adjustable & removable spray bars

Ready to receive a 2" dredge adapter (sold seperately)

Adapter to attach Hopper to your Royal 10" wide Sluice Box

Water inlet is equipped with a 1 1/2" barbed removable fitting

Ball Valve to adjust water supply

Removable Zinc Platted Steel Grizzly, adjusts to 3 angles

10" wide X 10 3/4" Stainless Steel Perforated Plate to protect Deep Ribbed Rubber

10" wide X 10 3/4" Deep Ribbed Rubber

54" Ultra Wide Sluice Box with Flare

New improved quick release break down Sluice Stand