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#00040 Large Royal Gold Drywasher



This Drywasher has many fine features not found on any other Drywasher found on the market today. Additional quality without the additional price.

Features fully enclosed hopper so no large rocks get in under the classifier clogging your adjustable flow valve.

20" X 24" Oversized Hopper for easy feeding.

* Constructed of 110 rivets making this a more durable stronger product.

* All steel components are zinc plated for durability.

* 3/4 cubic yards per hour feeding rate.

* Full 45" high so that the hopper is at the proper work height.

28 lbs of Gold getting durability.

* Silicon rubber insolater on all chains connected to recovery box so that the static charge builds quicker, stronger, and does not dissipate quickly.

Supplied with Easy, How To Use written instrcutions, and a 70 min instructional DVD.

This Dry Washer designed to use a 3" air hose (sold sperately, not included) in combination with any quality 3" 2cycle leaf blower available from any home improvement store.

100% made in America by Royal Manufacturing Ind.

**Shipping in the lower 48 states. Please No PO Boxes due to box size.

Key Features:

  • .063" Aluminum
  • Hopper:  20" x 24"
  •  Recovery Box 10" x 24".
  • 7 Combination Zinc Plated Riffles (Gold Coloring)
  • All Hardware made of Stainless Steel
  • 28 lbs
  • A 70 minute how to video

Only for Dry Material!


Operating Instructions:

Before Operating:
This Drywasher is designed to use a 3” air hose (not included) in combination with any quality 3”, 2 cycle leaf blower available from any home improvement store.
Drywasher will only work with completely dry dirt. One can test this by grasping the soil and squeezing into a dirt ball. If any part of the soil stays in a ball, the dirt is not dry enough. You can lay a tarp out and place the dirt on the tarp and let it dry in the sun and / or remove layers of wet material until you reach dry material.

Set Up:
The solid frame is shipped in 1 piece versus the collapsible frame is shipped in 4 pieces.


Setting The Angles:
Setting of the Hopper angle is done by pushing the buttons and moving the 3-position adjustment tube up and down, according to your materials. For dirt clods, use hole #1 (Top) flat position so they don’t roll off so you can work with them. The #2 hole (Center) is general purpose for rocks and gravels. The #3 hole (Bottom) is steep for self-cleaning for loose soils.
Setting of the Recovery Box angle is dictated when the machine and materials are both running, by moving the chain up and down to create the proper flow for specific materials.
The material should flow over riffles at a slow metered pace. Metering of the material is done by adjusting the flow valve located a bottom of Hopper. Loosen wing nuts and slide so it meters an even, steady flow. Once the desired flow rate is achieved, tighten wing nuts.
Too steep of Recovery Box angle would run too fast over riffles and not giving time for gold to settle. Too flat of an angle would cause material to back up and not flow. Adjust angle to your materials.

Clean Out:
Place Gold Pan in combination with ¼” Mesh Classifying Screen directly under Recovery Box for best results. Remove chain and lower until it drops inside of Gold Pan. Release latch and raise riffles. Concentrates should slide right into Classified Pan. Pan out concentrates.

From time to time you will need to slide out screen to remove ultra fine dust in Recovery Box. The bearings are inline skate bearings and should last years. Replacement bearings are available at any sports store that sells skate parts.

Helpful Hints:
It may be necessary to rev motor to higher RPM to get fan to start turning, or, pick up Recovery Box so it is in a flat positions until the fan starts turning. After fan starts turning, put Recovery Box back into its original position.