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#00098 33" Perforated Long Handle Treasure Scoop

$41.00 EA.....

Easily retrieve coins and other metal objects of value from sand or dirt with little effort with this handy scoop.  Just pass over items with your metal detector to find the metal and scoop it out.  Sand and dirt easily sifts out leaving the metal object.  The perforations on the bill not only make the scoop lighter, but also requires half the effort to sift through the sand.  Zinc plated to protect it from rust. THIS SCOOP IS NOT DESIGNED FOR STEPPING ON!

Key Features:

  • 18 ga. Steel
  • 16 ga. X 1/2" Mesh
  • 18 ga. 7/8" Tubular Steel
  • 37  1/2" perforations on bill
  • 33" Long
  • Cushioned Rubber Grip
  • Zinc Plating (Gold Coloring)