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#00059 Grass Plug Coin Extractor

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Our Grass Plug can be used for retrieving metal items from grassy areas such as parks. The Plug works by removing a 3" slug from the surrounding area where your metal items are detected which than can be ejected and bent slightly to expose target. Since no grass grows through coins, it breaks easily at that point. Once the coin is removed, the slug is ready to be replaced back in the ground with no trace of digging.



Key Features:
  • Black cushioned grips
  • 6" retrieval depth
  • Saw edge teeth cuts through grass and roots easily 
  • All zinc plated for durability
  • 1.2 Lbs.


A great place for using this items is around trees where people have picniced years ago. These areas are loaded with valuables that other people have not detected before due to the difficulties of retrieving items without destroying the grass.