Sluice Boxes & Stands

10" Folding Hybrid Sluice
In stock

10" Folding Hybrid Sluice

12" Mini Sluice Box
In stock
Key Features: .050" White Aluminum 12" Long  X  3" Wide  X  1" Tall Outdoor ribbed rubber matt 12 ozs.... More

24" Compact Sluice Box
In stock
This 7 X 24" Sluice Box is perfect for entree level prospecting with all the quality construction that you expect from our Royal brand. Laser cut 1 piece... More

30" Compact Recirculating Head
In stock

This Head added onto your 30" Sluice box will turn your Sluice into a Highbanker

30" Compact Sluice Box
In stock
This 7 X 30" with its detachable flare channels more water into sluice for faster production. Laser cut zinc plated 1 piece  riffle, ribbed rubber... More

30" Sluice Box/Highbanker Kit
In stock
Our new Sluice Box/Highbanker Kit is built around our ever popular compact stream sluice box. The sluice can be used alone or it can be used with our... More

50" Self-locking Backpacking Stream Sluice Box
In stock
With over 14 thousand sold nation wide, this Self Locking Folding Sluice Box is perfectly designed for transporting if walking any distance. This box... More

50" Self-locking Backpacking Stream Sluice Stand
In stock
This is another quality product from Royal Manufacturing, the people who bring you the Self Locking Sluice Box with thousands sold nationwide as seen in... More

50" Self-Locking Stream Sluice Box with Header/Upgrade
In stock
This kit is bundled without Stand for your convienent. Everything you see listed is included in this kit, (1) Self-Locking Backpacking Stream Sluice Box... More

54" Steel Dredge Sluice Box Riffle
In stock

Steel Dredge Riffle