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Self-Locking Sluice Box


It might be cheaper to make my product out of plastic instead of metal, what advantages does metal offer?

It may be true that your initial investment in plastic may be lower, but the durability of the metal product will allow it to be in service much longer. It will maintain it’s “new look” even in high traffic areas. Long term, the metal product is the best value.

Do you do any field work?

No. All our work is done on-premises with the exception of the following processes:

Powder Coating
Black Oxide

How much will it cost to produce my product?

We will carefully evaluate your completed design, and, based on the quantity required, and on the type of material, give you a price quote. We will work with you on the design, delivery time required, and target price range. Please call us at (714) 668-9199 for more details. Your quality metal product will be delivered on time and on budget!

I have an idea for a new product, but can not design it, can you help?

Yes! We can help. RMI’s design department can work with you to take your idea from a dream to complete design plans.