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Self-Locking Sluice Box

Royal Gold Dust, Miller Concentrating Table

SKU: 00130

Recovery Table

Price: $246.00

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  • Key Features
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  • T-500 TSUNAMI Pump with Clips
  • Large bin with Lid
  • 3oz Snuffer Bottle
  • 45 minute instructional DVD
  • Written instructions
  • Stainless Steel Flip Up Recovery Tray powder coated green for better gold ID
  • Royal Squeegee Card (2)
  • Tailing Bucket
  • 1oz Glass Vial
  • Plastic Funnel
  • Paint Brush

If your tired of panning, let this machine do the work for you. Introducing our newest  product. With this table you will be able to Recover fine and flour gold easily because the matting that we use is like a magnet. The table measures 12” X 18”. The adjustable leveling nuts on the support bar makes the set up simple.

  • Durable Powder Coat finish, No corrosion
  • No open cell rubber to hold water
  • No spray bar head to create bubbles
  • Compact size
  • No filter bag to clean
  • Captures 600 & 800 mesh Gold and fine dust
  • Wash concentrates to remove any clay
  • Classify your material down to 1/16 (12 mesh)


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