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Royal King

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Dry Washer

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Our Royal King Drywasher IS THE LARGEST CAPACITY DRYWASHER MANUFACTURED IN THE USA! We pay special attention to building the best quality and the most durability machine with our customers in mind. This Drywasher has many fine features not found on any other Drywashers on the market today. Additional quality without the additional price.

  • The Hopper is fully enclosed so no large rocks get in under the classifier clogging your adjustable flow valve.
  • Royal King Hopper is oversized at 40” X 27” for easy feeding.
  • Constructed of 143 rivets making this a more durable stronger product.
  • All steel components are zinc plated for durability.
  • Full 56” high so the Hopper is at the proper working height.
  • 49 lbs. of Gold getting durability.
  • Stand included.
  • Silicon rubber insulator on all chains connected to recovery box so that the static charge builds quicker, stronger and does not dissipate quickly.

Hopper: 27” x 40”
Recovery: 14” x 34”
Stands: 56” tall


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